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Flexible Waterproof Sleeve1

Flexible Waterproof Sleeve1

1.Certificate:GB/199901-2000-ISO9001:2000 2.Standard: IS09001:2000 3.Function : compensator 4.Size depends on your requirements 5.Quantity follows as your order 6.Color :depends on your demands 7.Advantage :reasonable structure 8.Use :widely in many fi…

Model:Flexible Waterproof Sleeve1

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Product Description





1.Quality :high-tech conditions and advanced workers
2.Structure :rubber layers and fabric material layers
3.Elasticity :compensate for extension and compression 
4.Size depends on your requirements
5.Quantity follows as your order
6.Color:depends on your demands
7.Advantage:reasonable structure
8.Use:widely in many fields
9.Price:discount of large quantity 
Product specification:

  1. Flexible materials: bitumastic oakum, polystyrene board, polyvinyl chloride plastic plates.
  2. Sealant, polysulfide sealant, polyurethane sealant.
  3. If the wall is not made of concrete, the small area where the sleeve goes through should be concreted, and the concreted diameter should be 200mm more than the wing ring diameter, the sleeve should be fixed in the wall at one time.
  4. The thickness of the concreted wall where sleeve goes through should not less than 300mm, otherwise some additional work should be done to thicken one side or two sides of the wall. The diameter of the thickened place should be 200mm more than the wing ring diameter.
  5.  The weight of sleeve is calculated by L=300, if the wall thickness is more than 300, it should be calculated by other methods.
  6. The Flexible Waterproof Sleeve can be made according to customers’ requirements by standard of S312 or 02S4O4, please give clear indication of the external diameter and applicable wall thickness when ordering.

Wooden box, carton cases, straw stringor plastic string are usually used to pack the product
Every product ensures to be qualified and be printed with certification of quality.
The package is absolutely good and exquisite, and is welcome by many oversea customers.
One container can imbark about twenty wooden cases whose specification is 1m*1m*1m
We also can arrange different standard containers according to your requirements.
We will do our best to assure the completeness of the products when they arrive at your port.
Material Table:

NO Name Quantity Material
1 Wing Ring 3 Q235-A
2 Flange Sleeve 1 Q235-A
3 Gasket 2 Rubber
4 Flange Gland 1 Q235-A
5 Stud Bolt n Q235
6 Nut n Q235
Technical parameter table:
Name S312 Type Flexible Waterproof Sleeve
Type FTG-R Type
Nominal Diameter DN Length(whole) Applicable Wall Thickness Wing Ring Diameter
50 380 300 175
65 380 300 190
80 384 300 215
100 384 300 240
125 386 300 265
150 386 300 295
200 386 300 350
250 388 300 405
300 388 300 465
350 392 300 515
400 392 300 570
450 394 300 625
500 394 300 680
600 407 300 795
700 409 300 900
800 411 300 1025
900 413 300 1135
1000 415 300 1245 
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