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Gland Limited Expansion Joint

Gland Limited Expansion Joint

1.Certificate:GB/199901-2000-ISO9001:2000 2.Standard: IS09001:2000 3.Function : compensator 4.Size depends on your requirements 5.Quantity follows as your order 6.Color :depends on your demands 7.Advantage :reasonable structure 8.Use :widely in many fi…

Model:Gland Limited Expansion Joint

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Product Description


2.Standard: IS09001:2000
3.Function:  compensator
4.Sizedepends on your requirements
5.Quantity follows as your order
6.Color:depends on your demands
7.Advantage:reasonable structure
8.Use:widely in many fields
9.Price:discount of large quantity
10.Quality:high-tech conditions and advanced workers
11.Structure :rubber layers and fabric material layers
12.Elasticity :compensate for extension and compression

Function features:
The limited flexible rubber joint is improved by adding the limited device on the basis of loose flexible rubber joint. Fix it with double nut at the maximum compensation place, and then the pipe can extend and contract freely within the allowed telescopic volume. Once it exceeds the maximum compensation volume, the product functions as limiting the position of rubber joint. It secures the safe operation of the pipe efficiently; especially applies to the pipeline which vibrates fiercely, be with somewhat deflection, or is on the corner. 

Installation brief specifications:
It is applicable for welding the pipeline on the both sides. During the installation, loose the gland, adjusts the length, and then welds the short pipes on the both sides to the pipe. At last, fix nut with diagonal method and adjusts it. 

Material Table:
No. Name Quantity Material
1 Gland 2 QT400-15, Q235A
ZG230-450 , 20
2 Sleeve 1 Q235A, 20, 16Mn
3 Gasket 2 NBR
4 Limited short pipe 2 Q235A,20,16Mn
5 Nut 7n Q235A,35,
6 Long bolt n Q235A,35,
7 Bolt
n Q235A,35,
Installation Date Table:
Nominal diameter mm External diameter External dimension Compensation n-Th.
Dw Do D L L1 0.6-1.6Mpa 2.5Mpa
65 76 76 155 645 180 90 2-M12 2-M12
80 89 89 165
100 108 108 195 2-M16
114 114 195
133 133 225
140 140 225
150 159 159 255 2-M16 3-M16
168 168 255
200 219 219 310
250 273 273 375 3-M20 4-M20
300 325 325 440 655 220 110 5-M20
350 377 377 490 4-M20
400 426 426 540
450 480 480 590 5-M20 6-M20
500 530 530 645
600 630 630 750
700 720 720 850 6-M20 7-M20
Annotation:the size of the nominal diameter can come up to 3600mmaccording to your requirements. 

Wooden box, carton cases, straw stringor plastic string are usually used to pack the product
Every product ensures to be qualified and be printed with certification of quality.
The package is absolutely good and exquisite, and is welcome by many oversea customers.
One container can imbark about twenty wooden cases whose specification is 1m*1m*1m
We also can arrange different standard containers according to your requirements.
We will do our best to assure the completeness of the products when they arrive at your port.
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